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Automated Motorized Shades

Automated Motorized Shades | Seattle | Bellevue

Located in Puget Sound, Pure Tech offers advanced Automated, Motorized Shades in the Seattle, Bellevue area. Our major bands include Somfy plus many others. If you need full motorized control of your window coverings, you’ve come to the right place. We are automated window covering experts.

Benefits of automated and motorized window coverings:

  • Easy access to large and hard-to-reach shades
  • Control multiple window coverings at once with the simple touch of a button
  • Smooth and quite operation
  • Very affordable
  • Much safer alternative to dangling cords if you have small children or pets
  • No messy cords to detract from the beauty of your shades
  • Eliminates the expense of broken strings repairs
  • Reduces energy costs by controlling heat gain/loss
  • Conveniently manages glare
  • Instantly creates privacy and saves time by pressing a button versus manually operating each shade
  • Programmable timers create a “lived-in” look to home while you’re away
  • Control your shades via any standard web browser, iPhone, iPad or Android and home automation system. Please see the video how Somfy’s myLink works.

We can motorize wood blinds, faux wood blinds, mini blinds, interior sunscreen and sun shades, half circle arches, quarter circle arches, exterior solar shades, woven wood shades, cellular / honeycomb shades, pleated shades, luminettes, silhouettes, roman shades, skylights, draperies, semi-circle and quarter-circle windows.

The motors that lift, lower and tilt your window coverings are concealed inside of the head rails and won’t interfere with the look of the room.  Motorization and automation is flexible. You can choose to motorize all the window coverings at once or you can start with a few and upgrade at a later time.

Motorized window coverings run on batteries, low-voltage (DC) and high-voltage (AC). Very large shades with heavy fabrics might require AC power.

In-Wall Wired Power

It’s best to plan for motorized window coverings early in the construction process. Whether you are building a residential or a commercial structure, we recommend that an electrician does the wiring to each window while the interior walls are still open. Each window needs to have it’s own dedicated wire. If you haven’t decided on what window treatments you want during the construction, we recommend having your electrician wire for high-voltage (14-3 with ground) in case you  pick window coverings that require more power. Pre-wiring your windows at this stage is best if you want all of your wires to be concealed.  Please contact us when planning your new construction so that we may help you with the wiring requirements.

Plug-In Power

Plug-In motors are available in either low-voltage (DC) or high-voltage (AC) versions, depending on the application needs, which give you simple maintenance-free operation.  AC and DC Plug-In motors simply plug into standard wall electrical outlets.  Both,  AC and DC Plug-In motors use radio signal to raise and lower shades. This way you eliminate the need for hard wiring and keep the cost down.

WireFree Power

No wires to conceal, no need for an electrician. Our very affordable motors which are powered by 8 AA  batteries located inside of a re-loadable battery tube.

Solar Power

WireFree™ Solar Pack harnesses renewable solar energy to power WireFree™ motorized window coverings.  This latest innovation from Somfy sheds new light on WireFree™ motorized window coverings by offering the following features:

  • Patented energy saving technology uses sunlight to power the motorized window covering.
  • Maintenance-free solution that doesn’t require the use of an electrician.
  • Convenient and cost effective – reduces battery replacement and preserves environment.
  • Easy to install for new and existing window covering installations.
  • Low profile solar (photovoltaic) panel is discreet and easy to conceal.

Home Automation

Our motorized window coverings may be integrated with total home automation system. The same remote, touch-screen or wall panel which controls lighting, security, HVAC and audio video equipment can also adjust motorized window coverings.

Depending on your situation, to operate motorized window covering you will need to have at least one or the combination of the following controllers: handheld remote controls, wireless wall switches, hardwired wall switches, iPhone/iPad/ Android, programmable timers, sun sensors that can be adjusted for varying degrees of sunlight intensity.


Sonesse-Motor-30-Plug-24V-DC-radio-motorSonesse 30 – Plug-in 24V DC radio motor. Nearly silent operation at 44dba. Perfect choice for pleated, roman, cellular and sun screen shades.
Located inside of a shade headrail.

Motor-Sonesse-50-110V-AC-standard-motorSonesse 50 – 110V AC standard or radio motor In-Wall Wired or plug-in. Nearly silent operation at 44dba. Perfect choice for projection screens, very large shades or wood blinds. Located inside of a shade headrail.

Somfy-Motor-Cord-Lift-Wire-Free-CT32RTCT 32 – 12V radio Wire Free battery operated.motor. Perfect choice for pleated and cellular shades. Located inside of a shade headrail.

Somfy-Altus-40-RTS-motorSomfy’s Altus 40 RTS motor is the new multi-purpose motor that may be integrated into all types of compact rolling products including: interior and exterior blinds, roller shutters, projection screens and sunscreens. Altus 40 RTS enhances Somfy’s range of radio solutions and now enables you to offer a complete radio solution for all products of small dimensions. Located inside of a shade headrail.

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