Motorized Arch Shades

Motorized Half Circle and Quarter Circle Shades

Engineered to meet your needs, with the touch of a button you are in control of your shade position. You choose as much light, privacy or view as you want by adjusting either shade to: open, closed or any position in-between, all with the touch of a button on the infrared remote control.

A touch of the button starts the shade moving. The shade will continue to travel to the fully closed position and automatically stop. You can choose to close the left and right shades independently or both at the same time. At any point you can stop the shade with another touch of the button. This allows you to position both shades exactly where you want them.

12V DC Motor is attached to the aluminum track frame and it comes with a plug-in transformer.

Motorized half circle shades start at $2,500.00.


These arch shade solutions are ideal for imperfect arch windows. Perfect arches are not too common. Typically, arched windows are constructed in a manner where the sill is built up into the window area. The resulting radius is less than half the diameter and no longer “perfect”. Our system will allow for up to 2″ of short radius and up to 2″ of long radius. Long radius occurs when there are “legs” on the arch. Instead of needing a radius of exactly half the diameter, the system works with a radius that can vary as much as +/- 2″ from perfect!

Motorized Arch Shades

Totally opened to totally closed, you choose the view. Each side of the shade can also be adjusted individually to any position. Automated half circle arches are available from 24″ to 144″ diameter.

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